Thursday, March 6, 2008

Recycling's in and up in Seattle

Not the biggest news, but I was pleased to read in our local paper the other day that Seattle's recycling rate (consumers and businesses) was up to 48% of garbage in 2006. Not sure why we don't have access to 2007 figures, but at least they're counting.

But the figures were confusing, later reporting that businesses recycled 54% of their trash and single family homes 64%. I guess there's some distinction between 'garbage' and 'trash'? Maybe the reporter was just mixing it up, I wonder.

The goal as set by City adminstrators is for all of us to recycle 60% of our waste by 2012. Apparently next year the city will require all single family homes to sign up for (this must mean pay for) table scrap recycling.

Guess my ziplog (now glad) container under the sink for food waste might get an upgrade!

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