Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Prizey.com Goes Green

And we're thrilled! Prizey.com the web's leading directory of online giveaways for the discerning contest entrant (100% spam and linkbait-free enjoyment!) is hosting their Eco Baby Giveaway and has generously included us in the prize pack. Okay, so we give some stuff away, but this is a fun site with rotating 'blockbuster giveaway' programs that feature some wicked merch.

We're in fine company with Green to Grow's BPA-free bottles for babes. HABA's wooden and plush toys for tots and from The Soft Landing: Natursutten natural rubber pacifiers, which apparently should be replaced every 4-5 weeks. I feel like a bad parent with the pacifiers I still have from the hospital. Fortunately, my little binkie boy kicked the habit around 5 months. Win and you'll get a 6 months supply. And last in the line up is Amnesty International's Citizen of the World toddler tee or onesie.

Prizey on!

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