Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mining Sickens (and kills) - Let's lobby for another way

As if it weren't apparent that we need to rely less on fossil fuels (coal et al) to run our homes, cities, and country, Bill Moyers Journal ran a very informative and important piece on Mountaintop Mining also called surface mining in the hills of the Appalachia.

The method features blowing the tops off the hills to 'clearcut' and mine coal. Families down river from the mining sites are being poisoned by sludge/slurry, byproducts of the process. It was sickening to see the black water that filled one family's washing machine as they tried to do a load of laundry; not to mention the fact that every person interview suffered from kidney stones and some level of mineral poisoning. These people couldn't drink their own tap water.

Ridiculous! And the BAdministration (with a capital B) just made it easier for mining companies to conitue these practices for the foreseeable future.

Here's background on the Journal investigation and here's the show. And here's how you can contact your member of the House and Senate.

Thanks for taking action.

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