Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How to go green: when you're lazy like me

I feel the pressure. Not only to be responsible to our environment, but with the business, I really should walk the talk. That means composting. Yes. I can't tell you all the food scraps I shove down the insinkerator (which I love!) that could be going to nourish the soil where I grow my half-live hostas and hydraengas (sic).

So I've made a change and am using a large Ziploc brand (FIL works for the makers of these WONDERFUL products that are 100% recyclable) tub with top to contain the remnants of meal prep and mealtime. I decided I'm going to try to empty it a couple/few times a week. More if opening it becomes a biohazard experience.

I keep it under the sink and it's been pretty easy to manage the routine. I've been doing it for 4 days without complaint. I'll try to take it out to the yard waste bucket today when I bring in the recycling and garbage cans that my husband hauled out at the crack this morning. Good egg.

When I get really ambitious, I'll start a compost pile and feed the worms, but for now, I rest.

Good luck going green!

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Anonymous said...

that box of scraps is nasty! but i like the intent.