Thursday, June 21, 2007

Confessions of a bamboo blanket

I didn't start out like this. I've changed, I know. Who can blame me, though? I've been caught up in an exhilirating ride. I've come far - from the Eastern world and now find I have a small part to play in illuminating the Western world.

I grew quickly as a little bamboo stalk - grass really. In a couple of short years, I'd reach maturity and was invited to join fellow stalks in a journey that brought me here - my first photo shoot.

I admit I was nervous, but photographer and now friend, Jeff Beck was incredibly patient as I grew to love the camera. Wrapping my warmth around the lens, I became part of a world I only dreamed of. Jeff said a shoot wasn't complete without some celebrity gossip and while I couldn't add much, I learned to appreciate the nuances of the Paris/Nicole relationship and their collective and individual yearning for acceptance that their parents have withheld all these years.

I have a new friend in Jeff, of course, but was surprised at the immediate raport I had with bunny. I couldn't figure out the peter pan complex and an actual peter pan collar, but judge not, I try to tell myself. Once work got off the ground and we found ourselves facing the camera together, our mutual insecurities and strengths surfaced. Who would have known that bunny and I share the fear of having our right side photographed. Well, we made it through together.

I'm thrilled to say that we've contracted to work on another coming shoot and I look forward with anticipation to our next meeting. Hopefully, bunny will have some new gossip to share.


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